Thursday, September 29, 2011

Critter of the Day

Today's Critter of the Day is an immature male Magnolia Warbler.

This adorable little guy collided with my living room window earlier this week.

At first, I didn't know what he was- except that he was a warbler. He definitely has an insect-eating beak.

They don't call them confusing fall warblers for nothing. My mom, expert birder that she is, thought he was a Magnolia Warbler despite him not looking quite like the book.
After a bit of searching online, I found a photo of a first year male.
It looked just like him!

Aren't the feathers on his back pretty?

After a few minutes resting in a cardboard box, he became restless. He flew almost as soon as I opened the box, but wasn't quite ready to fly into the woods. He posed for a few moments while he regained his bearings. I'm glad he did. I only wish the sun hadn't be so close to setting.
The light sure could have been better.

You can tell he is feeling better now.

This was my last glimpse before he flew away.

As always, you can click on any of the photos for a closer look.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Mushroomy Macros

It has been quite dry of late and, unfortunately, that means not many mushrooms about. I do understand that not all of my readers are fungi-philes, but I am. Ticks are the other problem I have had lately. It is impossible to go out into the woods without bringing in passengers. But we had some rain yesterday, and the days are shorter so the ticks are less of a problem. I'm looking forward to a wonderful autumn!

This particular mushroom I photographed a while ago at Land Between the Lakes.
It was growing right in the road.

At first I thought it was a rusty piece of metal.

Then I thought it was a puffball.

It is neither.
I strongly suspect it is a Pisolithus tinctorius, also known as
the dyemaker's puffball.

It is not a true puffball, merely a mushroom with a thin outer "skin" that disintegrates upon maturity.

When immature it can be used to dye wool.
Once I got home and looked it up I wished I had taken more pictures of it or even collected it.
Maybe I'll find one again sometime.

Have a super weekend!

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