Friday, January 14, 2011

Macro Friday

Well, I have gotten my camera out a couple of times this week! I even went out to play in the snow with my daughter, camera in hand. None of the kid pictures turned the way I had hoped. It was a very cloudy day.

You know me, if I can't find a frog, a bee, a bird, or a moth,
the leaves had better watch out!

Snow is rather difficult to capture in a photograph, I discovered.
Now that my daughter tried her hand at sledding (the grass wasn't fully covered), and I've been out to walk in it once, I'm ready for the snow to go away until December at the earliest.

I'm really just not a fan of winter. Not even a little bit.
How about you?
How much snow is too much snow?
I can tolerate a dusting. That's pretty.
I'd better stop now before I turn this into an anti-snow rant. . .

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  1. Really lovely! I think we'll see a lot of snow and ice this week. :)

  2. I love this shot.. and snow can be tough..You did a great job.. so glad you are posting again!

  3. You captured a pretty photo of the snow on the leaves. I can imagine I would get tired of the snow pretty quick, but where I live in Louisiana it only snows about once every ten years. We've had very unusually cold weather the last couple of years and actually had snow the last two winters in a row! It's always so fun, but it never even stays around a full day so I can't imagine living in it for weeks or months at a time!
    Enjoyed your blog! I'm following now.

  4. Very pretty! I'm from SC and we hardly get a flake normally. Maybe an inch or two every three years. But this year, we've gotten snow twice. And 8 inches this past time! It's been wonderful for us, because it's such a novelty. We probably won't have this happen again for 20 years though! lol
    As much as I've enjoyed our weather lately,I'm with you, I am a warm weather girl too.

  5. You did a great job. I used to love snow. Now I hate it. Being stuck in a house with 3 kids made me not a fan snow lol.

  6. I'm not a fan either, but I think you did a nice job with this shot.

  7. Love that one- sure captures the feel of the day

  8. Thanks, everyone!
    Is it spring yet?

  9. I love this! You always do such a nice job! Yes, snow can be tough!


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