Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty peony

I am still waiting to hear how friends fared Wednesday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The destruction there is unreal. In 2005, a similar sized tornado cut a swath through my home county. It's not something I will ever forget. I'm filled with compassion for those struck by Wednesday's tornado outbreak.

As always, you can click on any of the photo for a closer look.

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Edited to add:
They are okay! My friends weathered the storm fine. I'm not sure about their property, but they are all okay! I'm sooo relieved! Thanks for the concern!


  1. We are in GA, so my heart goes out to your friends. Saying a prayer now...

    P.S. Gorgeous macro!

  2. Beautiful bud. We saw the news about the tornado. I feel for the people who have lost everything. V

  3. Lovely little bud :)

    The destruction that tornado left behind is dreadful.

  4. Lovely! The water on the bud is a beautiful touch :)

  5. Pretty bud. I too am passing along prayers to those hit by the tornado.

  6. Beautiful! I love the water drops!


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