Sunday, May 22, 2011

Critter of the day

Today's critter of the day is the Eyed Click Beetle.

Ever heard of it?
I hadn't.
I was still unaware of its existence when one smacked into the side of my head as I was picking strawberries.
Apparently, in true armadillo fashion ('dillos jump vertically when threatened), click beetles launch themselves into the air when frightened. This produces their characteristic clicking sound. It is an interesting defense.

I really like the big, fake eye look. It reminds me of some caterpillars.

They can get to be up to two inches long. This particular one wasn't quite that large.

Eyed Click Beetles are quite common throughout the southeast although I had never seen one before today. They have a rather striking appearance, so I think I would remember if I had seen one before.

Have you seen any cool bugs lately?


Edited to add:
I figured this would be a good post to link to Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos .
Have a great week!


  1. that is really cool. i've seen some great caterpillars and butterflies lately. totally enjoy them!

  2. oh boy that is some set of fake eyes. I've not seen anything unusual but for the first time ever have been watching butterfly eggs hatch into very hungry caterpillars.

  3. I love butterflies and caterpillars!

    Any idea what kind of butterflies your hatchlings will turn into, Rosie?

  4. Okay, so I am really not a bug fan, but I have to say, this is one cute bug.

  5. Now I learned something new! Nice bug this one.

  6. There are so very many bugs here - I learn something new every day!

  7. That is such an unusual looking insect - what a face! Happy Macro Monday.

  8. Very interesting. I had definitely not heard of these little guys before. I'm pretty sure I'd have flung myself into the air as well if one had smacked me upside the head. ;)

  9. I'm in Louisiana, and just found my first one.

  10. I'm in NY...just found a mating pair in my back yard today! They really are strange looking. At first glance I thought one of my kids dropped some kind of fishing lure in the yard!


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