Monday, July 11, 2011

Mushroomy Macro Monday

Well, it would seem I have been on a bit of a vacation the last week. In truth, I've just been insanely busy and a bit uninspired. But, I'm back and enthusiastic! Part of my enthusiasm comes from discovering simply the coolest mushroom blog ever! If you like the stuff I photograph, but with a fungal-emphasis, then you will love Mycologista! I wish I knew how I found it, but the important thing is I did.

So here are just a few of the mushrooms I found yesterday on my walk in Shakerag Woods.

The above mushrooms seemed to be on every fallen log.

I liked the light coming through this one.

It was a good day for orangey-yellow mushrooms.

Below is the underside of the same mushroom.

The following were inside a hollow log.

My mom thinks it looks like meringue that is browning. It sort of does.

More merunigue?

Above and below are the same mushroom.

I haven't identified any of these mushrooms partly because I haven't really had the time to try yet and partly because it can be really hard.

I'm linking to Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos.
Stop by and see what macros you can see today!


  1. nice finds! i thought of meringue too. :)

  2. The colors of these really pop, Susan! I really like the sun coming through the mushroom in the 2nd picture!

  3. Part of me wishes we had more mushrooms in our yard for this very reason. Great shots.

  4. Thanks! That's the beauty of having a yard, but not a lawn. We have some grass, but the wildflowers/weeds/moss are the primary ground cover. Don't get grass in my field of dandelions! Ha!

  5. What colorful mushrooms! That second one almost looks like it is glowing!

  6. A great variety of mushrooms! Love the light in that second shot!

  7. Wow Susan that is a lot of mushroom. Is there edible in those mushroom? I can't fathom the idea that there is more than 3000 mushrooms and only 200 are edible!! Great photos and would try to find mushroom later in the afternoon too ^_ ^ Thanks for the visit!

    Macro Monday

  8. These are great, Susan! I love the way the light is hitting the second shot. Makes me want to go walking in the woods.

  9. You got some great shots there, didn't you? Love the tiny orange ball in the moss - also the 'inside out' umbrella shaped one, third one down!

  10. Wonderful image of the light coming through the mushroom. Happy Macro Monday

  11. OH you found so many nice specimens! I love the light coming through that one too!

  12. Susan, These are wonderful shots!! Mushrooms are so "artistic" looking. Great photos. Have a nice week. Mickie :)

  13. Thanks!
    Yes, forgetmenot, I do find mushrooms to be quite artistic and photogenic. I'm itching to get out and take more pictures! Wait, maybe that's just chiggers making me itch. . .


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