Monday, March 12, 2012

The end of winter

While we haven't really had winter this year, even that attempt at winter seems to be losing its hold on Shakerag. I don't recall a winter that didn't produce at least one snow. This winter, we had one afternoon of snow that was gone in about four hours. That suits me just fine, but I do not look forward to all the ticks this warm winter will produce.

So here are some random photos from this extremely mild winter.

A tree in bloom at the park

Redbud about to bloom with the Bald Eagle in the background at the Nature Station at LBL.

The eagle from the Nature Station

The little red phase Screech Owl also at the Nature Station

White Pelicans at the dam

More lovely White Pelicans

Black Vultures at the dam 

Hematite Lake

It was a mild, pleasant winter. 

Now I'm ready for spring!


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