Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enjoying Spring

I have been enjoying the spring weather lately. In the last two days, I have, with the help of my Dad, planted 11 or 12 trees on the homestead. And the best part is that the trees were free. There was a giveaway of trees locally on Earth Day. A few of the trees were pecans. I am already looking forward to enjoying my own pecans!

In the last two years we have planted quite a few trees. We now have an orchard. We might even have a few apples this year. There are several varieties of apples (the fruit Batman will eat) and two peach trees. I'd like to add some paw paws and plums in the near future. We already have persimmons, hickory nuts, and black walnuts. Planting trees is great. Planting trees that will provide food is even better.

I have always been fond of frogs and toads. Ask anyone. But I have never gotten any good pictures of the adorable things until yesterday. Admittedly, it's not a great picture, but it's the best toad picture I've taken.

Toads are just easier. From what I can tell, this is a Fowler's toad. We also have American Toads here, but they are less common in my experience. This very toad crossed my path again this morning. Yes, I recognized him. I'm just that kind of girl.

This is more like my typical frog pictures. See? That's where the frog was until I snapped the picture. It's still fun to try though. There are few things I enjoy as much as poking around our creek in search of frogs or whatever else I can find.

Here is something I found last week:
It's a bumblebee moth emerging from its chrysalis. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. I don't know what his problem was, but he never made it all the way out. I suppose that just happens sometimes. He was beautiful and I'm glad I got to see him and show my family.

Hope you all are enjoying the spring weather in your neck of the woods.

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