Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Outdoor Fun

Well, today I had the opportunity to play with an photograph what I believe to be a northern cricket frog. They are quite common in our front yard. Yesterday, we had a few storms come through heralding the arrival of blackberry spell, and these are the pictures from today before the clouds rolled in.

Yep, that's my left hand again. Cricket frogs are tiny!

Here's one I shot as he was escaping my grasp.

The irises are beginning to bloom. Thank you to my sister for giving them to me. The grape smell makes my mouth water.

Speaking of mouthwatering, the blackberries in my yard aren't quite in bloom yet, but the ones up by the road are. Today's high is in the low 60's and tomorrow's supposed to be even cooler. A cool spell is worth it to have those delicious blackberries this summer. Mmmmm. I'm so glad spring is finally here, even in Shakerag.


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