Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fisher Price Little People

Fisher Price Little People

Lately, I have been reliving my childhood. My mother, a.k.a. Nana, found many of my old Fisher Price Play Family sets. (Okay, they belong equally to my sister and me.) Stinkerbaby seems to think they are the coolest toys ever. I tend to agree.

This re-discovery of old toys began a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale. Stinkerbaby and I found the Fisher Price castle. Many of you in your thirties likely remember this toy well. Having spent hours playing with the secret room and drawbridge, it was gratifying to see Stinkerbaby interested. It was not it pristine condition, but I wanted it to play with, um, I mean I wanted it for my daughter to play with, so the condition wasn't an issue. There was no price, but I figured it wouldn't be more than $5. But when I paid, it was only $1! That was the best deal of the day by far! Well, after cleaning it up a bit under Stinkerbaby's "supervision" it has become her new favorite toy. So, I asked Nana if she could find some of my old little people or any other sets. The next day, she bought the following Fisher Price play sets:

the house the ferris wheel

the children's hospital

the village

the parking garage

the carousel (unfortunately, this is broken)

the farm the Sesame Street Clubhouse

the Sesame Street apartment building

and this is not Little People, but cool anyway, the Weebles Haunted House.

She also brought about 30 people and cars. Stinkerbaby could hardly wait for me to clean each item! And they were DIRTY! But, what do you expect, they had been in storage in Nana's garage for almost thirty years! I haven't cleaned some of them yet. But I'm sure I will soon. Nana didn't ever find my castle. Some days, I'm really glad Nana's a packrat.

What was your favorite toy? How about your favorite Little People playset?


  1. How fun! I think I had too many favorite toys to pick out just one. But I had a ton of Barbie stuff so we'll go with that. ;)

  2. Thanks for being my first commenter, Courtney! Sister and I had a few Barbies, too, but I still enjoy the Little People.


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