Friday, March 4, 2011

Macro Friday

March has begun and so has some more agreeable weather. It's still a bit on the cool side, but it's been pleasant enough. This week, the Nature Station at Land Between the Lakes opened for the year. We were there the first day. While the Nature Station can be quite busy, that was not the case on Wednesday. We were able to see all the animals and ask questions. We even got to see them feed their Virginia Opossum. It's not too different from watching a 'possum eating in our bird feeder, but it was still interesting. There are a pair of Red Wolves in residence. I don't recall ever getting to see them before, but one of them was out enjoying the sunshine during our visit.

The owls are my daughter's favorite animals at the Nature Station; they are my favorites, too. All of the owls are unable to live in the wild whether due to an injury or imprinting. It's a wonderful place for both the animals and the people.
We can see the animals and learn about them, and they have a safe place to live with plenty of food. I know I have said it before, but if you are ever near Kentucky Lake, make a trip to
Land Between the Lakes, you won't regret it.

The above is a macro shot I took of the little Eastern Screech Owl. I would have liked to crop out the sleeve of the naturalist holding the owl, but if I had I would have lost some of the fuzzy-ness of the owl's face.

This little owl is just about ten inches tall.

Unlike most other birds, Screech Owls come in two different colors or morphs.

He is the red morph. The other color they come in is gray.

The call of the Screech Owl sounds much more like a soft whinney than a screech. It's sort of dove-like.

Like the Great-horned Owl, he can raise or lower his "horns" as the whim takes him.

Isn't he beautiful?

As always, you can click on any of the photos for a closer look.

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  1. I love these! I've always wanted to get a chance to take owl photos. They are such interesting looking little creatures! You did a great job. The photos are so sharp and vibrant. Sounds like a very fun outing!

  2. Oh wow. These are so crisp. Wonderful xxx

  3. WOW - beautiful shots! It almost looks like a little stuffed animal.

  4. Beautiful! I've always been pretty intrigued with owls as well. He's gorgeous! I haven't been to the Nature Station in a very long time. Looks like I need to plan a trip!

  5. His (her?) feathers have such great texture. Amazing shots. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. They are so cute I can barely stand it. A friend of mine worked the bird show at the zoo and brought home the baby owls to babysit for a few nights...I was over there each night to pet them and hold them in my lap...way to adorable!
    Your photos of them are superb.

  7. What a beautiful bird, you captured him perfectly! I'm a little concerned, his look in the last one is similar to the look my kids give me when they are getting irritated and are done having their picture taken....only they dont have a sharp beak and claws!!!

  8. YOu aer so lucky.. what a great haven for these animals and for your family! Awesome.. DId you see the movie Owls of Gahull? AWESOME

  9. Wow! The owl looks almost fuzzy!

  10. how cute! he is so expressive, makes me want one

  11. I LOVE owls! The 4th one is a great photo but the last one has the 'owl' personality! :)

  12. He is amazing! What a stunning capture!


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