Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday

life with my 3 boybarians

I have a couple of sweet shots today. They are sweet to me, at least. Some of them are not particularly good photographs, but I don't care. Yesterday, we went to Kentucky Lake to see the White Pelicans. They were amazing! We saw about two hundred of them. They were sitting on the water, catching fish, and swooping over our heads. Unfortunately, virtually all the pictures are terrible. The day was really windy and mostly cloudy- not good conditions for picture taking.

But as I was watching and attempting to capture the pelicans, I saw something moving up on the rocks. It was a mink carrying a very large fish! I have seen minks a couple of times before, but never out of the water and never up close.It was thrilling! I chased the little guy (or gal) for a couple of minutes.

Look how big the fish is!

Here is another bad photo that shows the way the little guy looked while running.

The American Mink is about two feet long including tail. According to my Audubon mammal guide, minks can release a malodorous musk that is as nasty smelling as a skunk, but not as long lasting. I did not know this tidbit as I was chasing and irritating this mink.

She hid her fish in the rocks so I wouldn't steal it. Ain't she pretty?

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to click for a closer look.
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  1. Don't you just love it when an opportunity like that presents itself? Great job of capturing it!

  2. OMG, AWESOME! The fish IS huge and I love that last shot of her sweet little face. Good job!

  3. How fun that you got to see a mink up-close and personal! That last shot is so cute!

  4. Yay for not getting the "mink stink"! Nice last pic, so nice of him to pose for you! LOL

  5. Such a special moment! That sure is a huge fish.

    Erika B

  6. Dang it, I wanna pet her! WANT TO PET HER!

    I do NOT want to smell Mink Stink, but I just want to pet her like one of my cats, just to feel that soft, soft fur!

  7. What a moment to capture Susan - I'm sure that fella has some big teeth.

  8. Fantastic... it is called "In the Moment" photography and you did well. I can just imagine you running after it!! This kind of photography inspires paintings and poetry ... I LOVE it!


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