Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm terrible with surprises. Apparently, it's genetic. There is a family story involving my great grandmother, Mammie, getting a gift for her mother. She borrowed money from her brother to buy her mother a cold meat fork. It was delivered on the train and Mamie was so excited that she announced the gift before she had so much as picked it up, much less wrapped it or waited for the event.

Sadly, I'm the same way. I simply cannot hide surprises from my immediate family. The only way I can manage it at all is if the gift recipient doesn't live with me. I managed to surprise my sister for her birthday, but she lives three and a half hours away from me, and I don't talk to her daily.

Which brings me back to the quilt I made for my friend. According to the Post Office, the package should arrive today. And I am just vibrating with excitement! I want to post pictures! I want to know how they liked it! I want to see pictures of their new baby!

Yet, all I can do is wait for a call or an email. With a new baby at home, I suspect another baby gift is not the focus of their day. Snuggling a sweet baby is and should be their focus, but I still want to know if they have gotten it yet. . .
They live a time zone over. It's later there. Do you think it's too early for the mail to have run?

I know. I'm hopeless. Maybe I should try to make some surprise something for my hubby for lunch. It should keep me occupied at least for a little while.

How can anyone keep a surprise a surprise? Did I miss a class in school?

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  1. Oh, yeah, good luck learning how to keep a surprise a secret!

    I have to just about bite my tongue off, and sit on my hands, to keep from blabbing.

    (hey, it's Kate, by the way)


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