Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

I have seen more Bird-voiced Tree Frogs this year than any year I can remember. As a kid, these were simply "tree frogs." We'd occasionally see them on the window screens in the summer. This year, hardly a week has gone by without a sighting. The color variation is amazing. Some are quite green, others are nearly brown, and one individual is a dovey gray. He matches our house. I saw my little gray frog on a cold morning this week. I don't know how cold is too cold for tree frogs. I suppose, as long as there are bugs about, they'll be okay.

So, here's my black and white Bird-voiced Tree Frog for Black and White Wednesday.
Originally, he was one of the green ones.

Above is my gray one.
Below is the gray one blending in on my house.

And this is one of my green ones.

Now for a little confession. About 95% of all my blogging and photo editing is done while holding Bonus. So, if anyone knows of a good tutorial for making a real watermark with the GIMP, I'd appreciate it. There is only so much I can figure out while holding a one year old.
Any good "intro to blogging" tutes would be welcome, too.

So, today, I'm linking up with The Long Road to China for Black and White Wednesday. Hop on over and see what black and white goodies today brings!



  1. These frogs are so cute. I don't know how to use Gimp so much - I once downloaded it and it overwhelmed me...wish I was more helpful.

  2. Hey Susan... I love the frog against the blue board. Have you used Picnik? I have a friend who uses it for editing photos and it might have an easier way to do watermarking? (it's free). I do mine with a layer in Photoshop, but I'm not familiar with Gimp, either.

  3. they look great, wonderful in black and white, I don't know gimp either.

  4. These are very cool little guys. Love your shots! I don't anything about GIMP, I do all mine in PSE. But I'd be happy to make you a watermark if there's a way for me to email it to you and you use it that way.

  5. OOPS - don't KNOW anything about GIMP. Guess I should proofread first. Anyhow, just email me or find me on FB if you find out that would work for you.

  6. Cool captures. Wish I could help you with the watermark but that's something I'm trying to learn too!

  7. Great shots, even though I think frogs look a tiny bit ikky. Sorry, I don't no anything about GIMP.

    Erika B

  8. Thanks everyone! I know I'll get it figured out if I can get a few minutes alone at the computer.
    Or I may take you up on your off, Courtney! We'll see!


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