Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscellany Monday and No Mom Talk Monday

Well, here's my list for today, staying with the above themes.

1. I have experienced a new annoying problem with blogger this morning. I was composing this post and it got posted, just as I was starting! What fun! (Yes, I have had my coffee, and no, I did not click the "publish post" button!)

2. I got to go to a friend's wedding this weekend. A great time was had by all. I don't think I have ever seen a bride and groom so giddy for each other! The groom was even glowing! Not just the bride!

3. One of my dearest, but not nearest (she lives 1000 miles away) friends was at the wedding. I cherish every moment I get to visit with her. I love you, M!

4. Boy, do I appreciate the work a wedding photographer does! I tried to take some "good" wedding pictures and pretty much failed miserably. I know the real photographer has the advantage of being able to tell people where to stand and getting to stand up close during the ceremony, but it's still a much tougher job than I ever realized. Two or more happy people both with good expressions is really quite hard. The couple were chatting with one another sweetly and my photo turned out with her eyes closed and him looking like he's about to spit a wad of tobacco. Great.

5. Kentucky weather is irritating. Last week, was pleasant. The week before was in the 90's. Today, right now, it's 32 degrees.

6. I did get one post-able picture from the weekend. We traveled through
Possum Trot on the way home. I had never been before. So, I got a picture:

I still need to take a trip to Monkey's Eyebrow.

Have a great autumn week, and don't forget to check out
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  1. Does this mean you're not going to talk at all? Literally, "NO Mom Talk Monday"?

  2. Thanks! See point number 1.

  3. Aaahhh... there they are! Yes, I marvel at wedding photographers... alot of pressure there! And you don't get a retake opportunity! :)

  4. He actually DID get a retake opportunity! He didn't get a good shot of the maid of honor toasting, so he had her fake a toast for a few seconds!

  5. I turn down a wedding a week...No Thank you.. although a family of 9 is hard to photograph, at leat the worst case scenario is a reshoot...not so with a wedding.

    Possum trot??? ROFL love that picture!

    Blogger has been a pain all weekend...

  6. I agree with the issues with blogger. They keep giving me more and more reasons to make the move to Wordpress. I am shooting my first wedding in March and I'm anxious about the whole thing. I am confident I can do it, but like you said, you can't get those moments back. Thanks for linking!!

  7. Blogger and I have not gotten along in quite some time. Hope you can make peace. Glad you had a great time at the wedding! And not that the weather in TN is any more dependable, but I was quickly reminded this weekend just how quickly the weather in KY can change.

    Possum Trot and Monkey's Eyebrow...... goodness.

  8. I just read from another blog that they were having the same problemo with blogger this morning! Blogger is being very difficult today! blech
    Anywho I love the pic you captured of the possum sign very funny :0)
    Yay for weddings....when you said the groom was all giddy as the bride it reminded me of 27 dresses when she said her fav part of a wedding was seeing the groom standing there all giddy looking at the bride :0) I know Im a cornball but I loooooooove romance hahaha

    OK so have a great day


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