Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black and White Wednesday

the long road

Well, from color on Monday to black and white on Wednesday.
As it's snowing again, it seems somehow appropriate. We have had quite a few nocturnal visitors lately. Most nights, we have three to five raccoons visit the deck. Frequently, but not every night, we also have a Virginia Opossum.
Since these guys visit at night, photographing them has really been challenging. Black and white makes my not-too-good photos look better.

He's not aggressive, he's just chewing.

This individual has a notch on his left ear. He's also the largest visitor.

Opossums have always looked ghostly to me. Since watching the movie, The Princess Bride as a kid, they have also reminded me of R.O.U.S.-es.
("Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist.")

While not as skittish as the raccoons, the 'possum had had enough.

The raccoons seem much more nervous than the 'possum. Perhaps that's because 'possums have fifty teeth, perhaps not.

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  1. wow! that is neat you got to capture them so close - but then again not sure i want them so close to my house! LOL!

  2. You always have the most amazing nature shots! Wonderful as always!

  3. Oh my goodness- those are some large visitors! Can't believe you were able to capture them like that.

  4. 50 teeth. OH MY! I remember running over a possum one time on my way home from work and I called my daddy crying. He told me not to be ridiculous : ) Those raccoon shots are awesome! LOVE!

  5. Wow, girl! Look at you capturing the nocturnal. Love it!


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