Monday, February 7, 2011

Blue Macro Monday

Smiling Sally


I had an unusual visitor to my deck last week. Before Christmas, I placed large quantities of Eastern Red Cedar boughs all over my deck. The branches were covered in blue berries which the birds just love. I'd read that Eastern Bluebirds were especially fond of them. Christmas eve, I got to watch bluebirds eating blue berries at a family get-together. I cut and placed the cedar on my deck, but no bluebirds came. Many other birds visited, perched upon the branches, and even ate some berries. Because of the blue berries, I even had a Cedar Waxwing visit the deck once. But no bluebirds. Eastern Bluebirds are often seen around here, but they are nervous. I most often see them flying from trees to power lines in yards as I am driving. Blue has always been a favorite color of mine and bluebirds have always been a favorite bird.

Well, on Groundhog's Day, a blue bird arrived! After just a few minutes, he even invited some friends! So, for a few hours one afternoon, I got to watch bluebirds from the comfort of my couch. It was thrilling! I tried to photograph them, of course. Unfortunately, bluebirds are nervous enough, I knew I would have stay inside to photograph them. As a result, all of these photographs, except of the blue berries alone, were taken through the window. The first is for Macro Monday.
They all are for Blue Monday. Enjoy!

The valuable little blue berries.

Mr. Eastern Bluebird

You looking at me?

Here comes Mrs. Eastern Bluebird.

Little Carolina Chickadee is supervising.

The female bluebird is beautiful in a muted way. I think it's also evident from looking at her that bluebirds and American Robins are cousins- both in the thrush family.

Dirty glass really adds that special something to your photos.

Look at the berry in his beak!

American Goldfinches for size comparison.

The above photo was too blurry for my tastes, so I made it even blurrier by attempting to simulate an oil painting. I think I like it.

The filthy window softened and blurred this image a bit.

As always, click on any photo for a closer look. Don't forget to stop by Lisa's Chaos and Smiling Sally to see what macro and blue things this Monday brings.



  1. I only get to see the bluebirds in the summer, they come to my birdbath. I even have a bluebird box..but the sparrows chase them out. What a thrill to get all those photos...they are such a pretty little bird.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of bluebirds.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  3. captured them perfectly.

    Happy BM

  4. Oh my oh my this Eastern blue bird is such a beauty. I love it!
    Blue Monday

  5. Susan your Blue Birds are just beautiful..I am blessed that we have a large population of BlueBirds that come visit every year and even raise families here.
    Thank you for the info on my pretty bird, this is the first year I have seen one around here and we have a large group of them. I made a slide show last year of our family and newly hatched babies...
    You can check it our here if you'd like. This was taken before I got Photoshop so the pictures are as they came out of the camera.

  6. Oh Susan, what a delightful way to spend the afternoon. Terrific shots! You must have really clean windows for shots like that.

  7. They are so pretty. Really great pictures.

  8. Wow what a lovely looking bird !
    Great pictures !

  9. I love the bright blue of the bird against the background. Very pretty, Susan!

  10. Oh, what beautiful birds!
    for the comment on my blog!

  11. You have so many lovely bird photos. That blue color is fabulous.

  12. Such pretty photos!

    I'm a new follower.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  13. Terrific captures! These birds are so beautiful to look at, we've been seeing them more and more around our house in the spring and summer.


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