Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flowers on Saturday

Yesterday, we got to go back to one of our favorite places-
Land Between the Lakes.
Anyone who has been reading this blog long knows we go any chance we get. Much like a day spent in Shakerag, a day in LBL will certainly lead to adventure.

While not actually LBL, a trip to the area always includes a visit to Barkley Dam. Yesterday, we saw a dozen or so Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons a plenty, and several Double-Crested Comorants flying about.

As we were leaving, we saw a White-Tailed Doe with her frolicking twins. I see deer nearly everyday in Shakerag, but I can't think when I've seen deer playing.

Not twenty yards beyond the deer, we saw a pair of Northern Bobwhites crossing the road. Seeing and hearing Bobwhites used to be quite common, but not anymore.

We went to our favorite lake access and had a picknick, then played in the water, and went to the Nature Station.

There we saw the usual assortment of amazing animals, most of which we never get to see up close in the wild, and some, like the pair of Red Wolves, that we'd never get to see at all otherwise.

But for all this adventure, nearly the only photos that turned out well were the ones of the Wild Bergamot. You see, unlike the abundant Ruby-throated Hummingbirds or my children, the flowers didn't move around much at all. Keeping track of two kiddos even with the assistance of my mother, is quite a job these days. Maybe soon we can go back again to LBL and between my mother and Hubby, I can actually take a few pictures!

Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) is a native wildflower. It's a member of the mint family, and the leaves smell lovely when crushed, but not minty. Bergamot comes in many varieties including a cultivated type with red flowers. No matter the color of the flowers, hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies love bergamot. Another name for it is Bee Balm. Grandma used to call it shaving brush plant.

Don't forget to stop by Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time by clicking on the logo at the top of this post to see what other flowers this Saturday brings.



  1. WOW! beautiful flowers this week...I wish I was with you, sounds like a great adventure.. Maybe I need to plan and excursion from TExas..

  2. your bee balm is a bit different than ours, but the bees love both!

  3. Very nice capture. I'm still waiting to get a bee and flower photo this season. Lovely.:)

  4. great capture and thank you for your informative post.

  5. Beautiful photos. Yes, Spanish Lavender and I also have French and English plants, too. What a lovely blog you have. Thanks for stopping by today.

  6. bergamot smells nice :)
    great photos!

  7. Thanks for all the nice words! It's almost like taking all of you along on my adventures!

  8. Pretty purple bloom. I think I should find some seeds to plant them in spring. I like bees to come and visit our small garden.


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