Sunday, June 5, 2011

Macro Monday

I saw quite a few turtles last week. In addition to the usual Eastern Box Turtles, I have seen two or three Snapping Turtles crossing the road.
June is the peak time for egg-laying for Snapping Turtles. Based on that, this may be a female trying to get somewhere to lay her eggs.
As long as I can remember, I have been a turtle crossing guard. One time I assisted a large Alligator Snapping Turtle who was in a rather good mood.
I didn't even come close to getting bitten.

This snapper, on the other hand, was a rather ill-tempered. I still managed to help the turtle cross the road, but it wasn't easy. And I had one narrow escape.
Don't try to move these guys without a rather long, sturdy stick. They can reach out of their shell and bite nearly to their tails!

Doesn't she have pretty eyes?
Sorry, but I don't have any other macros. This was close enough.

Here's a blurry action shot:

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  1. i only try to assist these travelers with a very large plastic tub and a broom handle. i then transport them to the small pond attached to a creek at the back of our property or to a neighbor's pond further down the road...

    they take too many ducklings (and even try for adult ducks).

  2. I am so happy you take the time to help these majestic creatures get to where they are going. Great pics.

  3. Thanks for the kind words!
    I'm also glad you seem to appreciate these guys, as most folks think I'm weird for taking the time to help them.
    Aren't turtles cool?!

  4. I love turtles. That first shot is fantastic.

    Happy Macro Monday!

  5. oh wow, you are brave! While I've seen snapping turtles, I sure have never gotten this close to one. Wowzers!

  6. Someone like me! :)
    I'm one to get a box turtle out of the way. I love them guys.
    Love the action shot!

    Thanks for visiting.


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