Friday, June 10, 2011

Mushroom Macro Friday

In May, I got a mushroom growing kit. As a big-time mushroom eater, I've wanted one of these kits for quite a few years. I purchased mine from Field and Forest , although they are available from other places, too. It grows Crimini or Portabella mushrooms. The difference being when they are harvested. When they look like ordinary button mushrooms, they are called Crimini. When they open fully, they are called Portabella (or Portobello, depending on whom you ask).

Above is one of the first mushrooms I harvested yesterday.

I started these on May 21st.

Each of these teeny balls will become a mushroom.

Mushrooms grow in cycles, known as flushes, every one to two weeks.

This kit should continue to produce mushrooms for two to three months. It was my first mushroom kit, but will not be my last!

As always, you can click on any of the photos for a closer look.

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  1. Love the detail you've captured.

  2. they look like toasted marshmallows. :)

  3. This is really interesting! I had no idea you could grow mushrooms like this. Thanks for the info!

  4. Wonderful macro shots! I love mushrooms.... :)

  5. Thanks! It's ridiculously easy.
    I'm having some for lunch! Mmmm. Homemade cream of mushroom soup.

  6. Looks like you are a good gardener. :)
    I love the second shot of the underside.

    Carletta's Captures

  7. The mushrooms look cute. I like the 2nd shot the best because of the contrast.

  8. Awesome Macros. Excellent clarity.

  9. I love mushrooms too...I wonder if they would grow in a warm climate?

  10. Great shots! How clever of you to grow your own mushrooms!

  11. Great shots. My favorite is the second one.


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