Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More bee moth

I thought I'd share the rest of the pictures of the bumblebee moth. I have always liked watching the bumblebee moths in the yard enjoying the bluebells. They are my signal that it's time to put out my hummingbird feeders because when the bee moths are around, so are the hummers.

You can really see how damaged the little guy's wing was in this one.

The cocoon really looked like some sort of stinger, which I'm sure was the point. (Pun intended)

I especially like the detail on his antenna in this one.

I don't know much about editing color or brightness, so these, as with all my photos thus far, are just as they were shot. I have a little Canon PowerShot A570, so I don't have a "real" macro lens, just a macro mode on my point and shoot.
I use GIMP 2.6.8 for my minimal editing.

I hope you enjoy these. I'm enjoying taking them.
I am open to constructive criticism!

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