Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

A busy week in Shakerag, but I do have time to post another black and white photo.

To join the fun, visit The Long Road to China now by clicking the logo below.

the long road

Hope y'all are all having a great week!



  1. Stunning shot. The detail of the spider made me shutter. I wouldn't want to accidentally walk through that web.

  2. GREAT capture! Did the spider just got itself a moth?

  3. Holy cow! Girl, you get some of the craziest nature shots. Awesome!

  4. That looks awesome, I'm usually scared of anything with webs, but this shot is cool :)

  5. I'm quite fond of garden spiders; I'm also fond of Common Buckeye butterflies, so I was a bit torn. Now we all know what garden spiders like for lunch. . .

    Thanks for all the kind words!

  6. amazing photo of nature in action.


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