Friday, August 13, 2010

Macro Friday

It seems all my photography lately has been in macro mode. I guess because I'm near sighted, looking at things very closely is just natural to me.

The first photo below is my entry for
blogging from bolivia's Macro Friday.
The rest are just for fun. Hope you enjoy!

This Eastern Pondhawk was really posing for me.

Above is a Common Buckeye Butterfly.

Here is another Buckeye with a Black-and-yellow Garden Spider. I know I posted a similar photo in B&W, but I like this one better.

This is an action shot, the ant was really moving!

What could be better than a Black-eyed Susan and a discarded Cicada skin?

Above and below is the lovely Hyancinth Bean Vine.

Stinkerbaby up close and personal.

Have a great weekend!


  1. GRATE photos. Love the butterfly one.

  2. Nice shots! I think my favorite is the butterfly one - beautiful capture!

  3. They are all so wonderful! The dragonfly shots are really cool :) Have a great weekend!!

  4. Amazing captures - absolutely beautiful.

  5. nice shots, I like the one with the ant

  6. Beautiful photos! Love the colors in them!

  7. those are beautiful did a great job!

  8. Thanks, everyone! It's nice to have an audience besides my hubby!

  9. wow...amazing shots! I've yet to even find a butterfly to photograph.....and I've been looking! I think it's been too hot for them in my neck of the woods!

  10. Susan your shots are all wonderful - loved seeing that little "skin" that was left behind. We don't have those little insects in our parts of the world.

  11. Mommy2Four,
    Thanks for the kind words!
    It's been in the upper 90's to 101 or so lately. No creatures are active in the middle of the day lately!

    Thanks for the compliment!
    I'd still love to visit Scotland, even without cicadas!

  12. Such wonderful photos!!!! I haven't yet found a dragonfly that would sit still long enough for me to capture!


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