Friday, August 27, 2010

Macro Friday

Well, it's been a busy, but good week here in Shakerag. I have started borrowing my mom's camera when she comes to visit. It's another Canon point and shoot, like mine, but much nicer. It's a Power Shot A1100IS. So, I've taken a lot of pictures this week- some with my camera, some with Mom's. (Thanks, Mom!) Choosing an entry for this week's Macro Friday has been challenging because there are a lot from which to choose.

I finally decided on this photo of a Praying Mantis in my strawberry bed.

One evening, while watering my strawberries, apparently I watered the Praying Mantis, too. He or she was rather large, perhaps six inches.

It was a good evening for finding things. After the strawberries, I gave my roses a drink. Then I saw it. There was something large crawling around under the rosebush. Not only was it scary looking, after some internet research, I determined that it is actually venomous! This is a caterpillar of an Io Moth. Needless to say, I did not touch it.

If you look very closely, you can see black on the tips of some of his bristles. That's one of the features used to identify this as the Io Moth Caterpillar.

Watering the following morning also brought out some critters. "My" fence lizard was there. I thought he looked larger than I remembered. Then I noticed the evidence of his last molt. It's nice to be right, at least occasionally.

Look closely on his tail near his body. See? Okay click on the photo, then look. Looks like a spot is scalier than the rest of the fence lizard.

Then I noticed a Walking Stick. I don't see these or Praying Mantises very often.
It was pretty neat seeing the two so near each other both in time and place.

Then I noticed a bit of blue in my big bucket 'o sawdust.

It's a Five-lined Skink. We always called the Blue-tailed Skinks.
I love the electric blue of the tail!

Gosh, I didn't even mention all the butterflies I saw this week!
Well, that's a post for another day.

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  1. Look at all these neat shots! I never run across stuff like this.

  2. I thought I'd better answer your question here too! It's actually my front They look a lot more exotic in macro!

  3. Btw... you have the coolest stuff near you! WOW.....what fun stuff to capture in macro!

  4. Incredible as always. I'm amazed at all the critters you find and capture shots of. These are awesome, Susan!

  5. Totally AWESOME!!! well done, and thanks for being my newest follower....

  6. Such cool animals! Great shots!

  7. What fantastic shots!! I loved them all.

  8. wow we don't get these in England! great shots!

  9. How amazing to be able to find all of those creatures!!! The most exotic thing I saw today was a grasshopper! Great captures!

  10. Very nice! I love the skink!

  11. Thanks!
    Even a grasshopper is pretty exotic in macro!
    Skinks are a favorite of mine, as well!

  12. Cool shots! Perfect subjects for macro :)


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