Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random summer thoughts

There are many ideas for blog posts flitting around in my head like so many dragonflies. I doubt I'll have time to post them very soon.
So, how does a random post suit you?

The weather has been terribly hot here lately. I know many people in many places have hotter weather, but a forecast of 99 degrees with 80%+ humidity is plenty hot for me. Summer is my favorite season, but this is too hot to be any fun.

Unless you're swimming. Which is what we are doing later on this morning. The aforementioned, ever-generous friend has offered again to have the whole gang over to swim. I plan on being back indoors by 11:00 a.m. when the day really starts to heat up!

My baby is going to be one year old this month! I'm in shock! I know, I know, you've all heard how fast the first year flies. BELIEVE IT!

Also in the time-flies category, I can't believe that school is starting again already! Since I don't have any school-aged kids, this really surprised me. Weren't summer vacations pretty long when you were in school? The idea of back to school clothes in 100 degree heat is especially unappealing.

One positive of school starting is that I can now hear the high school band practicing when the wind is right. Mostly, I can just hear the quads, but it still gives me a warm fuzzy to hear them. I think I'm going to take my daughter to our local invitational this year. Anyone know of good hearing protection for three year olds? She loves music and hates loud things!

Does anyone else out there have great memories from being in marching band? Easily, all of my best high school memories involve band or band trips. I may have to break out my saxophone later today, I'm getting so nostalgic. Maybe I won't since the last time I played for Stinkerbaby, she cried.

Well, it's time to start getting the swimming gear together and to have another cup of coffee.

Please post any band memories you care to share.

I'll go first, it was so hot for band camp my freshman year, the tread melted off my tennis shoes from standing on the pavement.
No, I'm not exaggerating.
Good times.



  1. We can hear the high school band practicing from our house as well and it has made me a bit nostalgic. So many memories.... but I can still feel the pain of being clocked in the eye with my rifle from attempting a triple and having a black eye for weeks. Always fun when you're in high school.

  2. That is one reason why I stayed away from colorguard. I knew I would have had more and more serious injuries if I ever tried something like that! Besides, that only happened once, right? Not too bad!


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