Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

As soon as I took this picture, I knew I wanted to try it in black and white. This is the same little Fence Lizard that I have been harassing all summer. He's surprisingly patient- for a lizard.

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Have a great Wednesday! Around here, Wednesday is one of the farmer's market days. I'm looking forward to some sweet potatoes or the last of the corn or maybe some apples. But, truth be told, I am most looking forward to Mrs. Brown's fried dried apple pies! They are so yummy! I love our farmer's market!

What's you local farmer's market like? Big? Small?
Do you know some of the farmers?
If you don't currently shop at a farmer's market, try it.
I doubt you'll be disappointed.



  1. Nice pattern and texture here - perfect for a B&W!

  2. It's funny how he looks like he's looking at you out of the corner of his eye... you again? :)

  3. Thanks!
    I do think the lizard is aware of me personally. He's patient, yet cautious.

  4. nice capture, is he in your garden?

  5. beautiful capture.. I used to see these guys, or maybe a relative when we lived in the south.. loved them along my fence and in my flower pots!
    YEs I love farmers markets.. we have a large one downtown Omaha.. but I visit the smaller ones closer to our home.. and I buy farmer direct whenver possible.. Like out eggs we get from a cute little couple a few miles away. SOmeday I will have my own chickens...

  6. Ewa,
    Thanks. He's on the foundation of my house. He seems to live there. I see him most every day.

    Mom of M&Ms,
    Thanks. Some days I really think I like skinks better than fence lizards, but some days I can't decide. This little guy is ranking pretty highly.
    I'm amazed at the number of people I talk to who have never been to a farmer's market. The fried pies were good! I can't wait to cook the okra tomorrow. I love okra.

  7. That's one big lizard. Does he have a curly tail when he scurries away? We have some like that and they are not your common lizards - they are actually aggressive. Yuck!

  8. Lynn,
    No, he only thinks he's big. He's maybe seven inches including his tail. No, it doesn't curl when he runs. His major defenses are running and looking intimidating. If you're smaller than he is, he's probably pretty good at it.

  9. Oh! What a sweet little Fence Swift! We had one as a pet for several years. They do have quite a personality once you get to know them!

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  10. Love it! It is really great in black & white!

  11. Thanks, Courtney! I know not everyone love reptiles, amphibians, insects, and spiders, but I sure do! I like them even better up close!


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