Friday, September 3, 2010

Macro Friday

It's Friday again! How did this happen?
It's a long weekend, too. I love a good, long weekend!

At Nana's suggestion, I put some bananas on the deck to attract butterflies. It worked like a charm! I also attracted wasps, yellow jackets, flies, hornets, and even mosquitoes. One interesting thing, that I was unable to photograph, was that the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were actually feeding on the rotten banana! I was completely unaware that they did that. The first photograph is my entry for macro friday; the rest are for entertainment purposes only.

As with all of my photographs, you can click on the image to get a closer look.

Here are a few of my uninvited, but still welcome guests. All the stinging bugs were very polite this week and didn't bother a soul.

There were at one point thirteen Red-Spotted Purples crowded on the banana. I'm not sure why I didn't get a picture of that. Even then, there were assorted other smaller butterflies like Hairstreaks and Commas or Question Marks.

Here is a lovely Red-Spotted Purple.

We have had a few Viceroy Butterflies. They seem a bit jumpier than the Red-spotted Purples. I love the spots on their bodies.

Initially, I thought the above butterfly was a Monarch. Well, I must sit corrected. Apparently, I have fallen for a very old trick. I have confused Monarchs and Viceroys. They are, of course, meant to be confusing since Monarch Butterflies, I am told, taste terrible, but Viceroys are tasty. The black line in the lower wing is one way to tell a Viceroy.

Here's another Viceroy. This one is on the roof of my antique bird feeder.

Unrelated to the banana, Nana found and I photographed (with her nicer camera) this Black Swallow-tail butterfly. He appeared to be fresh from his chrysalis. He was so bright and slow moving. I love the striking spots on their bodies, too.

Here's another view of the same Black Swallow-tail.

So, if any of you are hoping to attract butterflies to your yard, here are two tips. Place a partially peeled banana- ripe or overripe someplace where you can keep an eye on it. The other tip has worked in the past, but didn't work for me this particular week. Water a spot in your yard until a nice little mud puddle forms. They really seem to enjoy this as well.

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I knew I'd come over here and be in love. The butterflies are stunning! I'm a bit of a butterfly nut, and I just LOVE these!

  2. Beautiful.. So interesting to me about the humminbirds... GOrgeous. How in the world did you pick a fav.. I could not

  3. wow what truly superb macros, amazing shots

  4. Thanks! Courtney, I always knew you were some kind of nut. Now we know! ;-)
    Thanks, Mom of M&Ms! Rotten banana seems to be the key!

  5. The butterfly shots are stunning! Seriously. So pretty.

  6. These are absolutely amazing! I took a few shots of butterflies yesterday that I shared and yours are way over the top! Great job! Maybe I'll finally crack open the manual to my DSLR. Woops.

  7. I'm dying to photograph some butterflies..... I will have to try your trick! We haven't seen any around this summer, I think because it's been dreadful hot!

    Amazing shots, as always! Such talent!

  8. Thanks! The butterflies seem to like hot and even the hottest part of the day. Let me know how it goes with the banana!

  9. Susan, these are beautiful! You have a gift for taking shots of little critters! Might have to try that one, although our backyard is mostly a screened-in pool. :(

  10. Beautiful shots! Your bokeh is just perfect... it looks like it should be in a textbook or something.
    The fourth photo is my favorite :)

  11. Wow, thanks, Laura! I had to go look up that word. I just thought that the light would be cool on the deck in the morning.


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