Monday, September 27, 2010

miscellany monday and No Mom Talk Monday

Well, as is my typical Monday routine, I stopped by One Mom's Perfect Imperfection this morning. I'm drinking coffee and trying to wake up enough to write my Miscellany Monday post. And what do I find, but a new Monday meme! Click No Mom Talk Monday to check it out. I think I'm up for the challenge. Like Courtney @OMPI, I think I'll combine it with Carissa's Miscellany Monday . So, without any mention of my precious children, here we go:

  1. Blogger is irritating. I was attempting to begin this post and “service unavailable” was their response. I've been seeing that more lately. Argh!

  2. I need a new hard drive. I'm afraid my little picture-taking hobby is starting to take it's toll. I have less than two gigs free and I haven't downloaded the weekend's pictures yet. Yikes!

  3. I hate deleting pictures. Even bad and blurry ones. Anyone else? I think number two may be related to number three.

  4. For the few months, I have been reading a “new” author. New to me at any rate. I had never read mysteries before this year. I feel this blog is the perfect venue for expressing myself. I am in love with Agatha Christie. There. I said it. I feel better. If any of you are slightly fond of that genre, please try her. I doubt you will be disappointed. Try Murder on the Orient Express or And Then There Were None. There is something wonderful about "discovering" an author who has written 80+ books.

  5. I'm trying to encourage Batman to start blogging. I think he'd enjoy it. I also know that he would learn the computer aspects really quickly and then he could help me. I hope he doesn't mind my dual motive.

  6. I'm glad autumn weather is finally here. One of my favorite things to do this time of year, is sit on the deck and drink coffee. I got to do this on Saturday. Maybe tomorrow. This kind of weather also makes me what to bake and make chili.

That's enough for one day. I'm looking forward to a great week.
I hope you are, too!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


  1. Aah... yes, the hard drive. I've notice my Mac is getting slower and I'm trying to think of a better storage option for my pics (especially the Photoshop files which are KILLING my speed)! :) Have a wonderful Monday, Susan!

  2. I've been getting that error when trying to leave comments on Blogger today. When you get ready to move away from Blogger let me know and I'll hook you up with a great girl that moved my blogs to WordPress. You won't regret it. Get an external hard drive you can plug into your computer and put all your pics on that. If anything ever happened to your computer, your pics are safe. And yes, I have a hard time deleting any pics - even the bad ones. Trying to do better about that. My external hard drive is filling up way faster than I'd like. I have a few Agatha Christie books. I'm not ashamed. :) Send the cooler weather to Memphis. Please. I'm ready for it. A big pot of chili sounds delish!!!

  3. Well we made a HUGE pot of Chili on Saturday. THe whole family was chopping and dicing and adding stuff.. YUM!IF I had known you were a fan I would have invited you over. :) I love fall...We made Apple crips on Friday...cause it is what you do in the fall.

    My computer is full of yucky pics.. I am committed to deleting some..just not sure when.Love the meme.. I may have to join someday soon!

  4. Yes. I totally get it about the pics. On my Miscellany I wrote about how I have over 3,000 pictures on my phone!

  5. Hey Susan, checking out your blog, some good stuff. And to you and Courtney, just a note from your helpful IT guy with years of experience. If your photos do not exist in at least two places, they don't exist at all and can be gone in a heartbeat. External harddrives are good, but if they are the ONLY place you have the photos, they are NOT SAFE -- they can fail just like internal ones (it's the whole moving parts thing) and while quite handy, are not really a backup solution in and of themselves.

    For my photos and media libraries, I have my main harddrives in my pc mirrored (i.e. each image is stored on two physical hard drives -- which is beyond the scope of most average people's computer skills), copy them over to external hard disk regularly (easy), and also regularly burn my photos to DVD and store those in a fire-proof box (easy). Your memories are too important to trust to just one piece of chinese junk that could fail tomorrow, you gotta spread it around just in case. At the very least, get two external harddrives and copy them to both. It requires a little extra investment up front, but in the end its a lot cheaper than paying a data recovery service to scrounge what little they can recover from a physically damaged harddisk, and really those memories are priceless. In this day and age where all of our memories are now ones and zero on a spinning platter, too many people falsely think their data will always be there. It will, but only if you plan for the worst.

    Good day!

  6. Thanks, Richard for the compliment and all that good information! I hadn't really given it that much thought. You are very right, and my hubby concurs.


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