Friday, September 10, 2010

Macro Friday

We've had a bit of a drought here in Shakerag lately. Yesterday morning, I found this Bird-voiced Treefrog on my deck. I suppose he was drawn by all the bugs and by the fact that I have been watering my plants. Our little creek has been dry for some time. Treefrogs have always been elusive. But not this guy. He almost posed for me.

The first photo is my entry in macro friday. As always, to get a closer look, click on the photo.

Maybe the local wildlife is learning that I may be annoying, but I cause no harm.

The rain finally started late yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, it has continued overnight and the rain still falls. Last night, my treefrog even showed up on the living room window. Of course, I tried to photograph him through the glass at night. I wasn't terribly successful.

What I liked about this shot is that you can really see what eNature describes as the "hidden surfaces of thigh green to greenish-yellow."

I liked this one, too. By this time he was pretty annoyed.

Then, another individual of the same species showed up! You can see his "hidden yellow," too. This one was quite a bit smaller and less tolerant than his buddy.

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Have a great weekend!



  1. LOve the shots.. and I think the ones on the window came out well. Beautiful..
    You changed your template.. Very cool!!!!!

  2. I love them! I love the one of him on a green railing. Yes, maybe you're getting a reputation, like the "critter paparazzi." JK.

  3. Holy cow! These are great. I especially love the ones where you're underneath him. How cool. You amaze me with your critters.

  4. not a fan of frogs but these are good macros!

  5. You have the most amazing wildlife where you live! Great shots!

  6. Thanks! I will in the future think of myself as critter paparazzi!
    I'm definitely a fan of frogs, but I have trouble not loving anything that rids the world of mosquitoes.
    I couldn't list all the different types of wildlife I have seen literally from my front door. This morning before light, I saw a slug and a millipede. Oh, and eleven hummingbirds.

  7. I wish I had frogs to macro like this - Great work. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Awww cute! What great captures!

  9. Great shots - I love the window ones in particular.

  10. these are great!! My mom's tree frogs have been all up in her business this year too! She even had one jump on her arm the other day for a ride into the house!


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