Friday, November 5, 2010

Macro Friday

I seem to be getting back into the swing of things as far as blogging goes. Today's photos are also from our trip to Land Between the Lakes. As usual, many shots were in macro anyway, so finding fodder for today's post was easy. Picking an entry is considerably harder. Also, as usual, click on any photos for a closer look.

The water was really low since it's was soooo dry all summer. I assume that low water is why there was such an abundance of mussel shells. This one looked like a treasure chest to me. Yes, the treasure is rocks, but I like rocks.

I have no idea what this plant was. The seed pods looked like morning glories, but the leaves remind me of a weed we used to call potato vine.

I don't know what these flowers are either, but these were all over on the rocky beach. Does anyone know?

Here's another unknown flower.

At least I know this one is a bumble bee. He was moving slowly, but still moving.
It was in the lower sixties. You can see more evidence of how dry it's been.

Not everything I shot was in macro. Here's a sampling of the rest.

The beach had several small caves carved by the waves at some time when the water was much higher than it was this week.

There were plenty of White-tailed Deer out.
It was almost like driving home from town, but with less traffic.
Kentucky sure is a deer-y state.

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  1. Again, a very educational post! :) I like the one that looks like a potato vine thing. Have a great weekend Susan!

  2. what a great set of photographs and so much information, enjoyed reading and seeing it all.

  3. What a beautiful place to visit! I'm amazed at the deer photo!

  4. those are great!! looks like it was a wonderful trip!

  5. Susan those are fabulous shots. You got up quite close to those deer aswell - we just have Roe deer here and they are quite hard to photograph as they run in the other direction as soon as they see you.

  6. beautiful captures for this week. The deer is awesome.

  7. These are beautiful photos! Gorgeous scenery.

  8. wonderful shots....:)

    It's my first time to join Macro Friday! Here's my FIRST ENTRY for this week. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  9. Thanks, everyone!
    We see deer nearly every day near our home or on the way to town, but due to traffic, I rarely get to photograph them. They sure are fun to watch and even listen to. Sometimes, on my deck, I can hear them snorting in the woods, just out of sight. But anyone who reads this blog knows I love nearly all critters! I still have no use for ticks!

  10. love these. Great descriptions.

  11. Susan I forgot yesterday when I was here for Macro Friday to say that I think that your lovely pink weed in the first of those "weed" photos could be a type of persicaria.

    Glad you found my post on the wild salmon enjoyable.

  12. Rosie,
    Thanks, I think you may be right about the weed. I love beautiful weeds!
    And I didn't just find your salmon post enjoyable. I love your blog! I wish we were neighbors!

  13. Beautiful photos! I always learn so much from your macro Friday!


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