Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Snapshot

I just "discovered" a new blog this morning. It's Alyce's blog,
At Home With Books.
I knew I would like it because, what's a home without books? When I saw her snapshot of a fossilized fern, I knew I had found a follow-worthy blog.
So, here's my Saturday Snapshot:

As always, click on any photos for a closer look.
We have just had our killing frost this morning.
My strawberries were still blooming.

One good thing about the killing frost is that now the persimmons are ready to eat. Mmmmm. Persimmon bread. I do love autumn.



  1. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! I need to get a better camera.

    Meanwhile, I shared one of my son's photos here:

    Click on my name....

  2. What a lovely photo! I can't believe your strawberries were still blooming.

  3. Beautiful photos! We had our first frost a few weeks ago and I have to admit I was relieved to be done with the vegetable garden for the year.

    I haven't ever eaten Persimmons.

  4. Thanks! Laurel-Rain Snow, I have a Canon Power Shot and wish for a DSLR which *may* arrive by Christmas.

    Thanks, bermudaonion! I just ate the strawberry I photographed this morning. Not as tasty as it would have been if it hadn't frozen.

    Thanks, Alyce! What a nice blog hop you are hosting! Persimmons are good, but seedy and somewhat astringent. Very good in things.Or eaten out of the grubby hand of a child.

  5. Lovely! They look as if they are perfectly preserved in sugar.

  6. What a yummy way to look at it, Trish!


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