Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sweet Tweet Tuesday, um Sweet Shot Tuesday

The weather has been simply wonderful the last few days! Cool nights with warm, sunny days. My kind of weather. The hummingbird feeders are finally in and the seed feeders are full of seed once more. When new feeders are put out, it's always the same three cohorts who are the first to arrive. Invariably, the Carolina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, and White-breasted Nuthatch come to sample the sunflower. The only thing that changes is their order of appearance.
All three of these small seed-eaters are friendly, quick, and
tolerant of humans.
They are smart enough to know from whence comes their seed.
In some ways, nuthatches are my favorites of the three. They "fuss" at each other and seem to be very clown-like in behavior.

I had about five minutes of kid-free time yesterday,
and I shot this little nuthatch.
In editing, I had a problem. The afternoon sun was shining over the house and into the woods, but my subject was in the shade of the house. So, my initial edit looked too fantastic to be real, but it really did look more like that than the more muted edits. The woods were on fire in the sun. Late afternoon is always my favorite time of day to watch my woods. Morning is my favorite time to be out in it all.

See his little tongue?

Posing for me

Seed selection is a very serious business.

Here's the more muted edit of the first one.

I also have to talk about my bird feeder. I have nicer, newer feeders. But this old feeder has character. It was built by my grandfather during a coal miner's strike in the sixties. Yes, my bird feeder is older than my husband!
It needs some work, but I love it. I'll include a picture of my entire feeder soon, I'm sure.

As always, feel free to click on any of the images for a closer look.

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to see what other sweet shots are out there this Tuesday.



  1. Those are great shots!! I've been thinking of putting out corn for the squirrels to try and catch some shots of them. I used to have one that I could carry on a conversation with but haven't seen him in a while :-/

  2. What great shots! ALL of them. Bird watching is one of those occasional activities for grandparents and their grandchildren that my grandkids and I enjoy and I've tried to get some bird shots but never any as sweet as these shots. Perfect for Sweet Shot Tuesday. :)

  3. These are wonderful - makes me smile because I've often done a little bird watching from my grandmother's living room. How special.

  4. Birdwatching is definitely a family affair around here. One of my sister's first words was "chicken-dee."
    Glad you enjoyed the snaps.

  5. Yay bird pictures! Great shots! I'm curious, how long was the lens you used to make these pictures?

  6. Wow those are really great captures!

  7. rachelshoots,
    I'm just using a point and shoot Canon. I'm hoping the birds get used to me and my camera before spring.

  8. I think your shots are wonderful - especially the one where he has his little tongue out and has that nut in his beak. I just love watching the little birds come to the feeders in the winter time. We don't get little ones like that but I'm hoping to get some waxwings this year to the feeders. A flock of them seem to have made themselves at home in our locality for the winter months after travelling from Sweden and Norway.

  9. Wonderful captures! We have these birds in our yard too and they are so pretty, which reminds me they are probably looking for me to refill the feeders!

  10. I love watching birds, and I know it's time to fill one feeder with black oil sunflower seeds and one with black thistle seed for the goldfinches, house finches, chickadees....and even a squirrel. Your photos are great!

  11. Ooh what a beautiful capture...great job!

  12. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  13. Great shots! The seed picking one is so beautiful.

  14. love your pics. i use my binocs to photograph birds on our porch.


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